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Making a typical photo look as if it's a 3D image by cutting pieces out, creating multiple layers, cloning behind them and moving each layer at different speeds and angles to make it appear as if you are moving into and through the image. This is a lot of work, but the result can be breath-taking.

This image was 1 of seven parallax images that I created for a training module intro video.


Restoration & Image Manipulation

Caring for images that have been forgotten or neglected. Damaging images can be a disaster, especially if your loved one or perfect photo opportunity has passed. Photo restoration is an art which, many times, requires an artist to
re-illustrate an image that is no longer there.


Photography, Color Correction, Touch-Ups &
Replacing Backgrounds

An old camera, a retractable movie screen and some window light is what I had to work with. I took the photos, color corrected them and touched them up if they requested it. Top left requested to take some weight off. I told her that I'd do what I could.  ;o)

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